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The Tribal Culture

Kathiwada is the habitat of copper colored, rounded face, pointed nose, brown eyes and strong teeth bowmen’s community Bhill-Bhillalas. Bhil caste is third largest tribal caste of India. The Bhills are the largest tribal group in all of India and were the first inhabitants. The Bhills religion is a combination of animism and Hinduism, and in some cases Islam Bhill culture of .Ihabua is one of the most colorful and unique cultures of the tribal people of Kathiwada. Tribes of this area with their unique life style and tradition, celebrates all festivals with great pomp and shows in their environment full of natural beauties. All this makes Kathiwada an Cultural tourism place with all its existing possibilities of attracting tourist. Out of the total population of Kathiwada 95% include Bhils, Bhilalas, Patliya, Naykada etc. Bhils are of hard working in nature with well develop body. The actual mean of Bhill is “bow". So from the word itself they came to be known as "man with bow and arrow." They worship nature including Sun, Moon, Trees, Fire, Animals, and Water as well as agriculture tools. Within the bhil society woman plays an important role, especially unmarried girls who symboloize fertility & manpower. Bhils Practices a variety of rites & taboos, beginning with birth and including marriage and death. This is a bride price society in which the boy's family most compensates the girl's family. Most Bhil men will have at least two wives. Both men and women wear tattoos. Some historians believes, he Bhillalas are the offspring of the Bhils and Rajputs who had fought wars together against common enemies.

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